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Samuel Friedman is a current member of ERAC Lodge #163 in Rochester, New York as well as a Charter member and current Junior Warden of Ecclesia Lodge U.D He hails from a rich family tradition of Masonry that dates back three generations. A former Legislative Analyst for the New York State Legislature, he is currently enrolled at the Maxwell School of Public Administration and will soon receive a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.

About the Book

A new generation of American men has begun to enter the fraternity of Freemasonry. This group of young men belong to the second largest generation in American history. Known as the millennials, they possess unique motivations and aspirations for the Craft that are quite different from the several generations before them. This book looks at the current state of Freemasonry, how the Fraternity has arrived at this point and proposes restorations within the Craft that point the way forward into the twenty-first century. Written by a young and enthusiastic millennial Mason, this book is meant to inspire thought provoking discussion on what this new breed of Mason desires, and what it truly means to be a Mason in the twenty-first century.

2017-2018 Lecture Schedule

September 18th, 2017

Mount Vernon Lodge #3

Albany, NY


September 26th, 2017

Scipio Lodge #110

Aurora, NY

October 25th, 2017

Harmonie Lodge 699-OM

Buffalo, NY

November 10th, 2017

Kenton Lodge #145

North Portland, OR

February 17th-20th, 2018

Conference of Grand Masters in North America

Indianapolis, IN

April 8th, 2018

QUEST Seminar

Queens, NY Masonic District

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Freemasonry in Cuba

Freemasonry has always been the enemy of authoritarianism. Whether fascism or communism, or just strong man thuggery, Freemasonry has often been outlawed and hunted in these types of regimes. There are a few curious exceptions to this though, and the island nation of Cuba is one of them. Cuba has been governed by the Communist…

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The Detroit Masonic Temple

Americans have always had an interest in building big. From the biggest ball of yarn to the biggest tree, Americans come from all over to gawk and marvel at all sorts of gigantic structures. So why would Masonic lodges be any different? The largest Masonic lodge in the world is located in Detroit, and it…

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The Kilbourne Plat and Science Lodge #50

What if I were to tell you there actually is a city in the United States that was designed by Freemasons with Masonic symbols etched into its street design. But it is not Washington DC, as the History Channel would suggest, but Sandusky, Ohio. Originally a Wyandotte village on the shores of Lake Erie, white…

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Hiram’s Hometown?

As Freemasons, we all know the legend of Hiram Abiff. But who was he before he became a legend? That is a trickier question to answer.  All we really know about Hiram stems from a small section of the Bible. He is mentioned in Kings 1 verses 7–14. It is short enough for me to quote…

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Working in the Quarries

For those of you who have been here, you know that Jerusalem is a city of layers. Both literally, as the city is built upon the ruins of its past iterations, and figuratively, as the city holds a special place in the hearts of many depending on ones nationality, religion, politics and identity. When you…

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New Mexico MASONICon

This will be a short article today as I am preparing for 9 week jaunt around the world starting in less than two weeks while simultaneously finishing my Master’s degree. But I could not let this opportunity pass without acknowledging Grand Master Adam Hathaway and the 2018 Grand Lodge of New Mexico MASONICon event. I…

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General Court Lodge #1784

I think it is time to discuss affinity lodges.  Affinity lodges are masonic lodges built around a particular theme, profession or shared interest.  I have visited and written about affinity lodges in the past without actually using the phrase. The most common affinity lodges in the United States are lodges built around a particular language…

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Cobleskill Lodge #394

Stereotypes are an insidious thing. They are the result of a cognitive process called schematic processing whereby we create a framework that allows us to extrapolate large sets of data from singular experiences. But I digress. There are certain Masonic stereotypes, and I think there is an enduring stereotype of so-called “country lodges”. If you…

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QUEST Education Seminar

In my experience, one of the most maligned Masonic institutions today is often the local Masonic District. And for many, it is well deserved. While necessary for administrative purposes, district level activities and regional cooperation amongst Lodges seem increasingly to be in decline. One district that has managed to craft a unique identity and succeed…

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Lodges of Maine

I am a few weeks late on this post. There is a first time for everything I guess! As most of my family and friends know, several life changes might necessitate my relocating to New England. Being the planner that I am, I dedicated an entire week to exploring the region. I had three goals…

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Off to Iceland!

I don’t often pay attention to Black Friday sales.  I am usually too busy recovering from the truly magical family holiday of thanksgiving to care about inhabiting my normal title of “consumer.”  Luckily, my friend Chris loves Black Friday.  So when he called to say that WOW Airlines had a Black Friday sale that let…

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1st Annual Grand Lecturers Convention

My father likes to say that ritual is the beating heart of Freemasonry, but many Masons do not realize how diverse Masonic ritual truly is. While each version contains similarities, often the signs, grips and words of recognition and even portions of the Hiramic drama change from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Something I did not know…

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La Fraternidad Lodge #387

My home region is not very diverse in terms of Masonry. Most of our lodges are suburban, and overwhelmingly white and Christian. Nothing wrong with this of course, I myself fit two out of those three descriptors. But one of the benefits of Masonry being a worldwide fraternity is the ability to slip seamlessly into…

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A Small Sample of Unique Florida Lodges

Over the Christmas holiday I traveled to central and western Florida to visit family. Luckily I had some free time and was able to visit some really interesting Masonic Lodges in some fascinating communities. The first lodge on my list was Orange Lodge #36 in Apopka.     Orange Lodge inhabits the oldest Masonic Lodge…

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Rossend Arús Masonic Library

I just returned from a week in Barcelona, Spain. The trip was entirely a romantic and pleasurable excursion. Luckily though, my partner let us hit a few Masonic spots along our sightseeing route. That is how I found myself here, at the Rossend Arús Library.                    …

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Lodge Profile: ERAC Lodge #163

Located in Webster, New York. ERAC Lodge #163 meets on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month, September through June. What is the origin story of ERAC Lodge? ERAC, like a good number of Lodges today I think, is a hybrid of other Lodges who have come before. There are two paths that have converged into what we…

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Lodge Profile: Mariners Lodge #67

Located in Midtown Manhattan. Mariners Lodge #67 hold regular communications on 2nd Wednesday’s. What is the Origin Story of your Lodge? Mariners Lodge was started in 1825 by men who predominately made their living on the sea. At that time New York ports were bustling with trade, and many institutions took the name of Mariners. For example…

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Masonic Elections and Sunnyside Lodge #163

I spend a fair amount of time in Millennial Apprentices discussing the progressive line system and Masonic elections. I think my feelings can best be summarized in the following excerpt: “While progressive lines in healthy Lodges do create a sense of predictability and consistency while providing on-the-job training to officer candidates, I also believe that…

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Lodge Profile: Verity Lodge #59

Located in Kent, Washington. Verity Lodge #59 hold regular communications on the 4th Friday of January, March, May, July and September as well as the 3rd Friday in November. Verity Lodge No. 59 has undergone quite a transformation in the last 5 years, Can you detail a bit what happened?  Yes, Verity Lodge No. 59 has…

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Lodge Profile: Fibonacci Lodge #112

Chartered on June 29, 2014 by the Grand Lodge of Vermont F.& A. M. They hold their regular communications on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 5:00 pm Fibonacci Lodge was chartered very recently (2014). What is the origin story of your Lodge? A group of Master Masons from around Vermont had gotten to know each other…

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